20 Things the Nazis Made with their Secret AI War Machine Program – Stuck in Customs

20 Things the Nazis Made with their Secret AI War Machine Program

What if the Nazis had AI to Design War Machines?

Not that the Nazis need any more great ideas, but I thought this would be an interesting artistic exploration. I’m a bit of a WWII buff, and I’ve always enjoyed reading about the secret Nazi war machines that they never ended up making. Well, they tried to make a few, but nothing got into mass production.

Below are a series of AI images that explore everything from tanks to anti-air guns to planes to subs to submarine warriors. It’s all kind of parallel universe stuff… reminds me a bit of PKD’s “The Man in the High Castle,” which is one of his many stories I recommend!

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How did I do this?

I used Midjourney 4 and a series of different prompts. You can’t use the word “Nazi,” so I would kind of get around it with these sorts of prompts:

A fleet of massive world war 2 german secret oversized tanks storming into Moscow’s red square with german soldiers looking on wearing scary uniforms –ar 2:1