Alan Watts Discovers Zen and Enlightenment at Burning Man – 4 Different AIs in 1  – Stuck in Customs

Alan Watts Discovers Zen and Enlightenment at Burning Man – 4 Different AIs in 1 

This technique combines four different AIs into one to create something entirely new. It’s all 100% AI-generated. One AI is for the photo of Alan. One is for the “speech” about finding zen at Burning Man, a place Alan has never been. Another is to emulate his voice, which I trained with dozens of his speeches. This turned out to be rather difficult because Alan has one of the strangest speech patterns since Elon Musk. The last is video animation that maps his voice to the photo to create a video where he blinks, moves his mouth, twists his face here and there, skin movement, etc.

This art project explores that “edge” between what the ersatz and the actual. Right now, as of the exact time of publishing, we’re right on the edge of creating something that is 100% convincing. Actually, many many people will think this is real as it passes their own semi-Turning test, whereas advanced people in the art/video/CG/AI world will be able to detect some of the little “peccadillos” that feel a little uncanny valley. But, soon enough, all of that will fade away and no one will be able to tell the difference between what is real and what is not. Does it matter? This is the same “veil” between what is real and what is not real that I’ve always explored with my photography and other art projects as well.

And Here’s the Creation


As for the tools (and I will add more info and screenshots and failures here soon), it was Midjourney for the photo of Alan Watts, ChatGPT for the story about finding zen at Burning Man, Eleven for voice emulation, and Studio D-DI for the animation that brings them all into the final video.

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