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40 Street Photos From 4,000 years of Time Travel

I had a pretty interesting idea for a set of AI creations. I was working on some of my Great Wall of China photos, and I was thinking, gods this would be an interesting place to time-travel to and take photos! But then I thought, hey would if I could also go back to ancient Japan, Moscow in the 50s, Iran in the 70s (before Sharia law required women to cover their shameful and sinful bodies), India in the 1800s, all the way back to Cairo in 2000BC, etc. Anyway, that is the origin of this idea.

I did all sorts of locations and timelines. I also used different camera parameters, different lenses, different camera settings, all of which you can set in the AI. I’m really happy with the results!

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BTW, I started up a new AI Instagram @Trairatcliff account so I could keep my main Instagram more with traditional photography. Be one of the first to join! And tell your friends, but only the cool ones… not the energy vampire friends you are trying to get rid of. 🙂

Sample Prompt

I’m using Midjourney version 4 for these. It’s a command-line interface via Discord to communicate with the AI:

“street photography in the 1880s in London, 40mm, Extremely Detailed, professional photography –v 4 –ar 3:2”

Here are the 40 “Street Photos” below – I did add captions to each one so you can see the time period and the location. I don’t usually add captions because I am kinda lazy, so, enjoy! 🙂

There are also many little things to notice if you look closely. I’m especially impressed at the way the clothes fall and “wrinkle” around the bodies… amongst countless other details.

(All captions above photos) – Woman in 1950s Moscow

People outside of a cafe in 1820 Tokyo

London in the 1880s

Man contemplating life in Moscow early 1900s

Rome in 50BC

Kyoto in the late 1600s

Tehran in 1975

Jerusalem in 100AD

Los Angeles in 1985

San Francisco in the 70s

Austin in 1910

Delhi in 1930

Great Wall in 1200

Edinburgh in 1940

Osaka in 1810

LA in 1978

San Francisco in 1960

Chengdu in 1940

London in 1890

Mumbai in 1975

Cairo in 2000BC

Sydney in 1975 (looks pretty much the same today)

Beijing in 1965

St. Petersburg in 1965

Tokyo in 1955

Beijing in 1920

Los Angeles in 1951

London in 1860

Tokyo in 1935

Los Angeles in 1943

London in 1880

Tokyo in 1850

Chicago in 1930

Okinawa in 1910

Rome in 200BC

Queenstown, New Zealand in 2050

Osaka in 1960

London 1870

San Francisco in 1959

Chicago in 1965