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Newsletter – Don’t Get Behind on the Most Unique Finds!

We have a free newsletter that goes out to anyone that wants to join in the fun! I’m working hard with the rest of the team here at Stuck in Customs to make the Internet a more beautiful place for you! What the newsletter will contain:

  • Free tutorial videos and photography tips
  • Links to new camera and software reviews
  • A selection of the best photos from recent weeks
  • Updates on new presets and specials to save you money!
  • Be the first to hear details about upcoming photography workshops
  • Special announcements and discounts exclusively for Newsletter subscribers
  • A nice, compact, beautiful email that you can share with your family and friends. These are just the sort of pretty emails that can make you popular in your email circle o’ friends.

Newsletter Sample

Want to see what it looks like? Visit our archive of past newsletters to see what you’ve been missing!

Online Newsletter Software

Would you like a newsletter of your own for your family, hobby, or company? I found this great service called Brevo… I highly recommend it!

Here is a little preview of the newsletter:

The Stuck in Customs Newsletter