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The Art Hangar

The Tobolowsky Files

So, while at EG, the very first speaker was Stephen Tobolowsky. He was hilarious, and, to my surprise, he told a long story that centered around Icelandic Horses. I talked to him later when we ran into one another at coffee, and he was super-nice. And no, he wasn’t the one I referred to early in the Matt Groening post. They are both nice in an unassuming Hollywood-way, and that is cool in my book.

I just found out that he has a podcast called “The Tobolowsky Files” that you might enjoy if you have a giant gap in your life and you have no idea how to fill it.

Icelandic Horse Photos

Speaking of Icelandic Horses, here are my favorite Icelandic Horse Photos:

Daily Photo – The Art Hangar

The Millennium Bridge crosses the Thames and terminates here, at the Tate Museum. They don’t like you to take photos in here. Heaven forbid someone should make art in a museum.

I mean really… isn’t it insulting? Who runs the committee at the Tate that decides, “Oh, we mustn’t let people take photos in this part of the museum. They might be making art! What possible reason would they have? Quite nefarious, no doubt!”

Anyway, I find it insulting how these museums treat me like a child. I hope they secretly have somewhat empty lives… and perhaps when they are in some ultra-modern part of the museum and prattling on about the hidden meaning of clump of steel and fluff… that they secretly know they are just spouting a bunch of nonsense in a grandiose effort to placate other fakers around them.

HDR Photo