Horse of Sagas now in the wild – Stuck in Customs

Horse of Sagas now in the wild

I jump from a plane today!

This is a big lead-up to on Saturday and Sunday. I am speaking on Saturday at 11:30 AM — I hope if you are in the area you can stop by!

We’re giving away some awesome prints at the show as well. I’ll try to snap some shots of the event so get can get the vibe.

Today (Thursday), I’ll be jumping from a plane with the Golden Knights. It’ll be very exciting… I’m jumping out with Cali Lewis, Frederick Van, John P, George Ruiz, and several others… it should be a great time. Watch Twitter for live updates from the event!

The Horse of Sagas Print

I got so many requests to make this a print that we changed around our planned list of releases. This is my favorite HDR of an animal I’ve ever shot. These Icelandic horses with their wild hair prance around all night long, probably thrown off by the strange day/night cycles. This was taken around 1 AM, very near the summer solstice. The photo was totally blown out from behind, and I did not use a flash. Flash tends to upset the animals a bit… so I used the HDR technique instead on the RAW to bring out the true colors and light on his face. Of course, these were the actual colors and light levels I saw when I was there… it just reminds you of how limited a camera is by itself.

HDR Photo

More Favorites of Icelandic Horses!

Aren’t these horses awesome? I wanted to take the opportunity to put together my other favorite two horse photos from Iceland below for you. Enjoy!

HDR Photo

HDR Photo