Wheat Horses – Stuck in Customs

Wheat Horses

Your Favorite Woody Allen Movie?

So, some of you know that I am a fan of Woody Allen stuff. In fact, I just finished his audiobook from Audible… there were some funny bits in it.

I have a few favorite Woody Allen movies — what are yours? This title comes from Love & War. It was kind of slap-sticky, but there were some super-funny scenes in there. At the end, they start talking about “wheat”, and it reminded me of these horses.

Daily Photo: Wheat Horses

This HDR is from a single RAW file, as about 20-30% of my photos are. If you look in the free HDR Tutorial here on the site, you can see page 3 talks a bit about how to do this. It’s quite easy!

Before, I talked about my desire to try to get off the main highway in Iceland. But when you have cool horses like this lining up along the highway, it’s hard to find a reason to get off!

I don’t always like to use a flash when taking photos of horses because I think it scares the animals. I prefer just to shoot wide-open with natural light and see what I can recover later with the HDR process.

In this case, these two horses were playing with one another, weaving their heads and necks together in a little dance. I stood there with my camera, trying not to intrude on their private horse-moment, when they stopped for a quick second in this pose.

HDR Photo