The Hallway to the Mona Lisa – Stuck in Customs

The Hallway to the Mona Lisa

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Daily Photo – The Hallway to the Mona Lisa

The Louvre has one hallway leading to another in an endless and awesome labyrinth of confusion. Maybe the most confusing thing is that there don’t seem to be consistent floors. There you are on floor three, and then you take half a flight down, and its unclear if you are on 2 or 2.5. And then, you see a sign, and it explains in international language that you are indeed on the “yellow” floor, where in the last wing you were clearly not in a color-oriented floor but instead on 1.5.

But, throughout the Louvre are huge signs that say “Mona Lisa” with an arrow pointing in one way or another. I’m sure the guards got SICK of people askin’, “So where’s this moner lisa gal?”

HDR Photo