Photography Webinar Announcement! – Stuck in Customs

Photography Webinar Announcement!

Photoshop CS5 Giveaway – Leave Comment to Win

I have an extra copy of CS5 Extended (still wrapped in box) I’m giving away. Who wants it? Just leave a comment to win – I’ll pick a random person in 72 hours! Tell your friends, tweet it out, tell your mates on Facebook… this will be fun!

What’s in the Webinar? And Prizes Announced!

It starts in just a few weeks, so I made this quick video to talk more about it. Visit the Webinar page to get all the details.

Join the Early Signup Group (limited time)
Visit the Webinar page to sign up and grab one of these early spots.

Also come and see some cool before & after photos by one of the previous students… you’ll get a good idea of the progress you can make.

If you want to give me your opinion and feedback on what you want to learn in the webinar take my little three-question survey.

Amazing prizes announced

Over the 9 classes, we’ll be giving away thousands of dollars in prizes… this will be great fun too. Here is a selection:

  • A Drobo every class!  (that’s a lot of Drobos)
  • Multiple Animoto one-year pro accounts
  • Multiple copies of onOne Software
  • Multiple copies of Topaz Adjust and the Full Bundle
  • and other super-secret surprises… I can’t show all the cards now!

Daily Photo – Spiralstorm

This beautiful staircase was found in a small cloister while I was about to exit St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. I took some extra time while I was over there for the workshop to explore places like this. There were only a few days extra, but I tried to make the most of it.

I got shut down a few times while in the proper part of the cathedral, but I did manage to get a few shots in. As for this area, it was wide open and no one said anything. I always feel more comfy when I am not rushed and have time to set everything up! In this case, I used a 14-24 lens. I get asked a lot if I use filters on my lens — but I do not. I don’t even know if you can get a filter that fits this bulbous wide angle.

High Dynamic Range Photo