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Noiseware Review

I dig Noiseware Professional!

If you choose to buy it too, consider getting all the Imagenomic products at once to save money.  When you order the Full Suite for Windows or the Full Suite for Mac online, be sure to use the Imagenomic Coupon Code of “STUCKINCUSTOMS” to save 10%.  Note you enter the Coupon Code after you click “Proceed to Checkout”.  It’s one of those late-in-the-process things.  If you just want Noiseware Professional, you can nab it by going right to the  Imagenomic website.

Probably the only two things I need to do for this review are to say that I love it and use it, and to show you the screenshot below. I mean, look at that shot below – are you kidding me?

The program is very easy to use. They have a standalone and a plugin for Photoshop, which is the one I chose. Previously, I had been using Noiseninja for a while until I recently discovered this. Now I honestly ONLY use Noiseware Professional.

As some of you know that came here from my HDR Tutorial, this is an important step in my post-processing. The HDR process can often create some noise, especially at night. I’ve found that adding this noise-reduction step in the process has been a real time saver, and it really helps the photos to have more of a professional finishing touch.

By the way, Imagenomic makes another great product called Portraiture. Read about it in my Portraiture Review right here on the site.

Old Tutorial - it was bad... trust me (by Stuck in Customs)

Here is another image of Noiseware in action with the default settings:

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