Ethics Statement – Stuck in Customs

Ethics Statement

I put this little page together so everyone knows exactly what’s going on. Long time readers know this already, but I like to make it clear to old and new alike!

I’m Trey Ratcliff. Hello! Nice to meet you. I am a serious photographer that has a lot of fun. This website is an absolute pleasure for me. I love taking photos, sharing them, sharing techniques, getting feedback, seeing your photos, and more. It’s a wonderful community here and I’ve worked hard with all of you to build it.

I never “sell” editorial posts or anything like that.  This goes for the blog and all my other various social networking channels. Every post and every page is my own creation, unless I say otherwise clearly. No one pays me to do reviews or changes my opinion on anything based on payment. People do send me free stuff all the time to try, and that is good and fun. It doesn’t change my opinion on whether or not I will recommend it!

Also, as many of you know, I only review hardware and software that I actually use. The site has many sponsorships and partnerships, including advertising, affiliate marketing, and the like. For example, in the “Trey’s Book List” area, I have some Amazon links on there. I get a small percentage of every sale, but it does not cost you any more money. Often times, I am even able to offer coupon codes to people because I send so much traffic. Again, I would never even do this if I did not believe in the product.

Great examples are Nikon, Adobe, and Apple.  I love and recommend their cameras, software, and computers, even though they haven’t paid me a dime.

So, that’s it! It’s just that simple.

I know you are very busy (like me), and you come here because I am an expert in certain matters photographic. I give you my honest opinions and judgments on these things. When any of you come hang out with me, you’ll see me using the same stuff I use and recommend on the site. I believe it is very important to be transparent with the community on these matters.

I believe the future of the internet is one in which people build up networks of trusted sources, experts, and other people with whom they feel a connection. I value these connections very much and appreciate your trust. Thank you very much, and if there are ever any concerns whatsoever, feel free to contact me.