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Magic Bullet Looks Review

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Magic Bullet Looks and Quick Looks Review

I’m amazed at how much a simple filter can add to a video.

30 Days and 30 nights…

This shows a great example of the product… check out this video I did below… enjoy!

After Magic Bullet

Before I get too much into the review, let me just simply show you the kind of nice lighting effects and “feel” that it gave to this video I made below. I made this in Japan… it is simply an interesting collection of scenes from here and there.

Below is the video after I have applied Quick Looks. I plan on doing this again using the more robust Magic Bullet Looks product.

More Thoughts on Magic Bullet Looks and Quick Looks

If you appreciate the idea of adding filters and looks to photos, then it should be an easy transition to doing the same thing for video as well. I think this is one of the biggest growing areas of photography — figuring out what the hell to do with all the video you are now taking! If you’re like me, then you’re using starting to grab more and more video. It starts to fill up your hard drive, and then at some point you decide to actually edit the stuff together. While editing, why not give things a special look with some easy-to-use filters?

Whether it is home movies, an art project, a short film, or something in between, it’s great fun to add these filters. Now, for these programs I’m reviewing, you’ll need After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Avid, or Sony Vegas. These Magic Bullet programs are not standalone — these are plugins that work with those video editing programs I just mentioned. But after you install them they are really easy to use.

I got stated with Quick Looks. Within less than 10 minutes, I was adding looks to the video you saw above. Quick Looks comes with 100 nice effects, and it’s great fun to try them out. I’m used to how a filter can change the mood of a photo, but it’s another kind of powerful when it is applied to video.

Simply for personal use and footage of my kids, I can’t imagine editing together another home movie WITHOUT using this plugin. I’ll also continue to use it for other little artsy videos that I have in the works.

If you want even more power, then you gotta go for the more expensive Magic Bullet Looks. It has the same 100 as above, but each of them is fully customizable. For example, there may be one look in the lighter version where only one area of the frame is in focus and the rest is blurred in an artistic way. It’s impossible to move that focus point without the full version of Looks.

Besides this review, you can also get a really good sense of what the program does with the Trial Version. The Red Giant Software website also has a great demo reel video that shows off the various looks. Enjoy!

Magic Bullet Looks Coupon Code

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Magic Bullet PhotoLooks Review

You guys will also enjoy my PhotoLooks Review, which is a very similar product that works on still photos. I’ve put a few samples of this below, so you can see some various effects. Note that the interface is more or less the same with all these products I am describing.

Above is a good example of the interface and power.  To the left are a bunch of different preview thumbnails.  I found one called “Unbloom”, clicked on it, and then it very quickly rendered the big version of it to the right.

Above, you can see the detailed control panel appearing on the right whenever the mouse moves over to that side of the screen.  As opposed to the left side of the screen, this is where you can add even more granular effects to your creation.


Any questions about the nature of these reviews? Visit my Ethics Statement. It’s all quite simple! Another little caveat here is that Stu Maschwitz, who made the program, is a friend of mine…but I was using Red Giant products before we became friends in person, so there! 🙂