Halle – Stuck in Customs

A Little Place I Found on the Way to Dinner

I wish I could walk to dinner every night and find little places like this along the way. Since I carry my tripod and camera just about everywhere, I’d always be ready in case something like this pops up!

This was shot in Halle, Germany, just a short train ride from Leipzig. I love how these old churches are often lit with orange lights… I think it always makes them look nice against the blue dusky skies.

Setting up the tripod for these evening HDRs always allows you to set the ISO as low as possible, and in aperture priority mode, the shutter will stay open for a long time, letting those clouds drift by and drag light across the lens. It gives a nice feel to the shot and makes the church look even more timeless and solid.

A Little Place I found on the way to dinner in Germany


The Halle Church in Twilight

I walked across the city square in Halle, Germany on the way to a business dinner… I stopped in the middle to take this shot since the clouds and everything was so perfect!

The Halle Church in Twilight


The Cathedral after sunset in Halle, Germany

I had a business dinner tonight in Halle, which is about a 45 minute and 45 euro taxi ride from Leipzig. On the way to dinner, my meetingee and I stopped to grab some shots of this old Cathedral near the town square.

This is also the place where Georg Friedrich Händel was born.
The Cathedral in Halle, Germany


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