Marseille – Stuck in Customs

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More Survey Results

I’m excited about the Upcoming Webinar! Even though people are signing up, we are still looking through all the online survey results to see what interests you. I’ll keep reading over these before the class to make sure I touch on all these various topics of interest.

Photography is a very personal thing. People interpret what they see through the lens differently, and they look through that lens for so many different reasons.

It’s been interesting to hear the many different reasons folks have given when asked “Why are you so interested in photography?”, and I thought I would share some of them.

“Why are you so interested in photography?”

Lifelong Interest:
“Always have been, from black and white film when I was 12 to digital now and I am 72.”

“I’m cheap. I can pay hundreds or thousands of Simoleons for 1 picture from someone else to put on my wall or I can drop the same amount into equipment and take a bunch of cool pictures and have something I made along with a story to tell people when they ask.”

“I have a creative mind and ten thumbs, so my only choices for a creative outlet are photography or writing.”

Artistic Expression:
“The same reason I write music. Nobody can hear what I hear unless I play it. Nobody can see what I see unless I share it.”

“My dad is a photographer, my grandfather was a photographer.”

“Cause I don’t have a girlfriend right now.”

Need A Break:
“I love photography because it gets me out of the house. I work all day in a office and I have two small boys and its really nice to take a few hours for myself every once in a while.”

“Photography helps me see. Photography helps me slow down. Photography feeds the right side of my brain.”

“It’s the perfect mix of art and technical – being an engineer, I lean toward the technical. But my artistic ability is essentially zero. So photography can force me to be artistic with something that can be very technical, since the latter is only half the equation in photography!”

“Life is a timeline, and I like taking photos at various tick marks on that timeline where my life and others intersect.”

Time never stands still…and recording that one moment in time is precious. I am able to look back and remember what I saw and rediscover the experience again. I can also share it with people who have missed that moment…hopefully they are able to see and experience what I saw from that one snapshot and gain a better understanding of it.

Thanks again for taking this survey… I get comments here on the blog a lot, but it is very interesting to read through them in this format. I’ve said many times that the community here inspires me a lot… and now that you see it all laid out like this, I think you see why.

Daily Photo – Tower on the Azure Coast

This sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? “Let’s rent a car in Montpellier and drive along the Mediterranean Sea, jumping from town to town.”

It’s not nearly as easy as it sounds, especially when you get stuck inside of a confusing French city for an hour just trying to get out of it! There’s so much construction in Montpellier that it’s pretty dang crazy. At one point, we even ended up driving through the middle of the town square, at which point we realized we were indeed not on a road any more. This was very embarrassing.

But, eventually, we made it down to Marseille. That is another huge city where the roads are as confusing as can be. Parking by the seaside, I took a little walk to see this round tower that shot out into the midday clouds.

HDR Photo