Gold Coast – Stuck in Customs

The Gold Coast Panorama

Passport Sunday from Australia!

If you’re a Passport member then today you’ll get that little bonus section where you see how I made the photo. I hope you enjoy it! It was a bit of a challenge…

The Gold Coast Panorama – making of Gold Coast

I was a little worried during the edit of this one that it may not work out… but, I should have had more faith in myself, because it did in the end!

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Daily Photo – The Gold Coast Panorama

This is a photo made out of 9 different shots from the Mavic in a 3×3 grid. I love the way it turned out, but when you watch the making-of video below, then you’ll see it didn’t start out so perfect!

The Gold Coast Panorama

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2019-01-26 21:06:06
  • CameraFC2204
  • Camera MakeDJI
  • Exposure Time1/1250
  • Aperture2.8
  • ISO100
  • Focal Length4.4 mm
  • FlashNo Flash
  • Exposure ProgramProgram AE
  • Exposure Bias+0.3


The QT Gold Coast and Bazaar

Great Hotel in the Gold Coast!

I was just here in the Gold Coast for a speaking engagement at the amazing Problogger conference. It was a great collection of professional (and aspiring!) bloggers from all over Australia and the world. We all stayed here at this cool hotel called the QT Gold Coast — I also stayed in another QT in Sydney which was similarly awesome.

Bazaar Restaurant

A lot of us went to eat downstairs at their restaurant called Bazaar. I’ve never eaten anywhere like this before! I hate to say “buffet” because you immediately get an image in your head… but imagine a buffet where the high-end chefs are right behind the organic layout and cooking live while you watch them. They prepare everything fresh and serve it right up in pans and all sorts of different spreads. The place is vast with a ton of different options… I have more photos, but this is the only one I have processed so far.

Bazaar Restaurant

Daily Photo – The Space-Aged Lobby

I’ve only stayed in a few of these QTs, but they all designed in an edgy and visually mesmerizing manner. Something else that is visually mesmerizing is all these hot girls they get to work there! They dress them up in these uniforms that makes them look like futuristic sex-robots. I know that is a strange thing to think about, but it’s the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw a few of them walking in tandem across the lobby! 🙂

Speaking of that, I’m going to Japan soon… I think that will probably be the first country to make sex-robots.

The Space-Aged Lobby

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2013-09-13 12:44:25
  • CameraNEX-7
  • Camera MakeSony
  • Exposure Time0.6
  • Aperture4
  • ISO100
  • Focal Length11.0 mm
  • FlashOff, Did not fire
  • Exposure ProgramAperture-priority AE
  • Exposure Bias+2