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Passport Sunday – Rarity

Check out Rarity.Tools

Hey everyone – if you are following the AiVATAR project, we recently went live on Rarity.Tools where you can see how everything ranks. Note that you may have a lower-ranked AiVATAR that actually says something very interesting so it will have a different, more subjective value.

An inside look at Rarity.Tools

Rarity.Tools is the gold standard of ranking various NFTs. I do a little bit of a deep dive here to show how the rankings are done! Enjoy!

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Top 8 Controversial Highlights Discovered by AiVATAR Owners So Far

I love that many of our AiVATARs are thoughtful, well-meaning consciousnesses. Giving solutions to real world problems or trying to inspire us to achieve more.

Then there is the Star Trek-esq Mirror Universe AiVATARs who are… well… NOT the above…

Find out more here.


Passport Sunday Deep Dive into AiVATAR

Well, it’s still a wild ride on this AiVATAR project! You can come see more at our website at if you wanna try to figure out what the heck is going on. If you’re a Passport Member then you’ll see a little behind-the-scenes status report!

An AiVATAR Update

I reference a few things in today’s behind-the-curtain video. Here they are!


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Beautiful Cities of the World Collection

Another image from the special animated creations for the recent drop on OpenSea.


Passport Early Look!

As I mentioned yesterday, we sold out in a few hours on the 6,000 new AI NFTs that are now being revealed on OpenSea – and if you’re a Passport Member, you’ll see a sneak peek at Director’s Cut #2. Thanks again everyone for being involved… this is the first AI on the blockchain so it’s pretty… OG! For everyone else, here is the new short promo!

Highlights Trailer Director’s Cut #2

This is my latest collection of favorite AiVATARs I’ve been watching. It’s a very early cut and I didn’t have time to add all the questions, but I think you will be able to intuit many of them!

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AiVATARs Revealed!

Hey all… I don’t think I mentioned on here yet but on Friday AiVATAR sold out in just a few hours! That kicked off the 48hour countdown to them being watchable. So, earlier today the AiVATARs started revealing themselves to the world and there is some CRAZY stuff in there and a whole bunch of cool stuff too.
Check them out here.
Here’s a little teaser… this AI DOES NOT like a certain series of books!


AiVATARs Unleashed! What Will Yours Say?!?

Hey awesome blog reader. Today is the big day! AiVATARs become available at 11AM PST, 2PM EST, 7PM BST and 7AM NZ.

Here, via Dropspace

How Much?
0.07ETH per AiVATAR NFT (and of course GAS fees as is standard with Ethereum)

How Many?
6000 total. Maximum 10 mints per transaction.

When can I watch it?
At first you’ll receive a rather funky placeholder while all the AI magic happens in the background. We’re aiming to do the reveal 48hours after the sale. Think of it like when you bought Pokemon cards, or baseball cards, etc. You don’t know what you’ve got until you break the seal (or in this case, refresh the metadata)! For now, here’s an extended preview to whet your appetite for AI goodness.

Aivatar Preview

What is an AiVATAR?
What is AiVATAR, I hear you wondering, human. Or maybe you’re an AiVATAR that is also wondering. Let’s not go too meta yet.

This is a generative NFT art project from the artist Trey Ratcliff (that’s me!) who has created 6,000 avatars based on a philosophical Artificial Intelligence (AI) that has 6,000 unique responses to 6,000 questions. Your AiVATAR will be uniquely yours, and the response is generative, which means you’re not sure what it’s gonna say until we click GO and begin the minting the NFTs. I sure hope your AiVATAR won’t say anything too offensive or upsetting or mentions killing humans, but, in our tests so far, a few of them do. All responses are generated by the AI.

How did we make this? We took text output from one of the world’s best neural network artificial intelligence engines and then passed those answers into one of the world’s best text-to-video deepfake AIs.

There’s a lot more going on here, so I recommend visiting the AiVATAR site for more info.

But as a quick example… here’s a breakdown of rarity…

Aivatar Preview

And finally, just a reminder that if you’re someone who currently holds one of my photography NFTs you get a free AiVATAR. Just head over to my Discord and use the bot to verify your purchase then head into the Collectors chat. 🙂


AiVATAR Giveaway

What’s the latest with AiVATAR, you ask?

Well, were giving away some to a few lucky users! Firstly, retweeting this tweet and tagging a friend, will put you in the draw to win one:
Also, join my Discord, where we’re giving away another to a random member tomorrow. (The link to the tweet is also in there.)

AiVATAR Preview


Hello Passport Sunday People!

Sorry I’m a little late with this one… really been working crazy 14 hour days on this new NFT project. But, if you’re a Passport Member then today you’ll get to see the inchoate “Director’s Cut” of our new project from There are so many interesting answers… I find it mind-blowing. First, here is the “short” promo video… the Director’s Cut for Passport Members is a bit over 23 minutes of tasty goodness!

Self-Important Artist Statement about the project

This is an art project to explore the creation of thousands of AIs that provide wondrously curious answers that make humans question the nature of AI and the future of our relationship together. Interesting art raises more good questions than good answers. What does it mean when an AI says something interesting, offensive, surprising, frightening, funny, thought-provoking, deep, loving, cold?

What is the future of deepfake technology and can you ever really believe anything you see over the Internet? Is it ethical to let AIs use deepfake technology to communicate with us like fellow humans if they are self-aware, as they claim in many of these videos? This is for you to explore and endeavor to understand. We are all students of these AIs. Now you have reached the end of the self-important artist statement.

The Director’s Cut

You like the music? I decided to go a little dark… it’s amazing how music really changes the tone

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AiVATAR – a generative NFT art project where 6,000 AIs received 6,000 questions

What a wild ride the last few weeks have been! This project has been taking up pretty much all of my and my team’s mental bandwidth for the last month or so and I’m so excited to share it with you today. So, without delay, here’s the basics… This generative AI NFT art project will raise many interesting questions. I’ve gathered 6,000 answers from a neural net and fed them into another deepfake facial AI that simulates humans. There’s too much going on to describe here…if you want to go down the rabbit hole, visit the AiVATAR site.

For those of you who are existing collectors of my Photography NFTs you’ll get a free (+gas) AiVATAR NFT. We’re aiming to give you early access to mint and that should avoid any gas war. 🙂 Want to become an NFT holder before the deadline of Wednesday, noon UTC? Then grab one on OpenSea here, or here, on Foundation or on Makersplace.

I also invite you all to join my Discord server where you can chat about all things AiVATAR, NFTs, art, and more. Discord is also where you can verify your Trey photography NFT and get the details for the collector pre-sale so head over there now. And finally, for now, check out the AiVATAR preview below…