Machine Elf #135 – The Gentle Repair of the Heart – Stuck in Customs

Machine Elf #135 – The Gentle Repair of the Heart

Here is another new favorite. I feel like each one I release is my new favorite, but I guess that is a good problem to have.

This piece, in particular, promises to whisk you away on a voyage of intriguing novelty, charting a course through unanticipated beauty. One of the many reasons it has enchanted me is its uncanny ability to present each snapshot, each frozen moment in time, as a standalone tableau, a singular spectacle, and I think each frame can stand alone as its own piece of art.

The symbolism? I find a certain charm in allowing each observer to overlay their personal interpretation, to see reflected in it the echoes of their own unique life story. However, if I were to venture my own interpretation, I am drawn to the notion of an inherent, pulsating energy. An energy that flows with serene inevitability, once unshackled, once allowed to be…

It is an energy that possesses the potential to heal, to mend the fractures and fissures that life inflicts upon us. I believe the heart, that fragile stronghold of our deepest emotions, poses the most formidable challenge to mend. Yet, the cure, the balm to soothe its wounds, resides in the very energy that beats within us.

This music is by Erol Arda and the song is “Take it Back” – I first discovered it in this longer mix on Soundcloud called The Bright Side #09, Wild Dark – enjoy!