Machine Elf #125 – Negative Entropy – Stuck in Customs

Machine Elf #125 – Negative Entropy

I’ve always been captivated by the ceaseless struggle between chaos and harmony in systems, particularly in the biological realm where DNA orchestrates the battleground for these opposing forces. This intricate mathematical fractal delves into the emergence of life across different scales. Accompanying it is music by Tipper, an artist I discovered during my time at Burning Man. One morning, while navigating a disoriented walk to the portable restroom with lingering traces of LSD in my system, I stumbled upon a camp featuring a massive airplane structure with speakers as its jet engines. A solitary DJ atop the structure played this very song. With no one else on the makeshift dancefloor, I stood there in my underwear, absorbed in the music and visualizing an array of images reminiscent of this fractal.

Music: Dreamstars by Tipper