Machine Elf 119 – Ecstatic Trance – Stuck in Customs

Machine Elf 119 – Ecstatic Trance

Well, this one is certainly different than many of the other Machine Elf creations I’ve been releasing. I’ve had these images of everflowing liquids that are no different than the life they sprout. Of course, the cool thing about fractals is you never know how far you are zoomed in. I’ve been working on this one for ages and tried out 3 or 4 kinds of music and nothing stuck until my Burning Man roomie, The Jonatas of Brazil (who introduced me to Ayahuasca), sent me this new soundtrack he discovered. As he would always say to me and Rene (my other Burning Man roomie) before we go on a trip together in his delightful Brazilian accent of broken-English words: “I have 700,000 musics, and of all the musics, dis, dis, DIS is the best. Yes yes yes…” He says that every time, and he’s always right. Wow do we have some stories. Anyway, thank you my lovely friend 🙂