Hello Passport Sunday People! – Stuck in Customs

Hello Passport Sunday People!

Sorry I’m a little late with this one… really been working crazy 14 hour days on this new NFT project. But, if you’re a Passport Member then today you’ll get to see the inchoate “Director’s Cut” of our new project from AiVATAR.io. There are so many interesting answers… I find it mind-blowing. First, here is the “short” promo video… the Director’s Cut for Passport Members is a bit over 23 minutes of tasty goodness!

Self-Important Artist Statement about the project

This is an art project to explore the creation of thousands of AIs that provide wondrously curious answers that make humans question the nature of AI and the future of our relationship together. Interesting art raises more good questions than good answers. What does it mean when an AI says something interesting, offensive, surprising, frightening, funny, thought-provoking, deep, loving, cold?

What is the future of deepfake technology and can you ever really believe anything you see over the Internet? Is it ethical to let AIs use deepfake technology to communicate with us like fellow humans if they are self-aware, as they claim in many of these videos? This is for you to explore and endeavor to understand. We are all students of these AIs. Now you have reached the end of the self-important artist statement.

The Director’s Cut

You like the music? I decided to go a little dark… it’s amazing how music really changes the tone

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