Machine Elf 100! – Stuck in Customs

Machine Elf 100!

Machine Elf 100 – The Pineal DMT | Visual Fractal Meditation | Trey Ratcliff & Joshua Ryan

I’m extremely interested in how DMT is indeed an endogenous molecule (meaning naturally produced internally) that is in our bodies, plants, animals, and everything that is alive. What’s all that DMT doing in there? Not even any of the top studies (more scientific studies happening now at Imperial College London and Johns Hopkins University) can figure out what the hell all that DMT is doing inside of us. I experientially know with a surplus, you certainly have an ego death and leave your body to travel to “The Matrix” in a way. It’s quite tough to describe. But, if we’re in a simulation or a video game, you get to meet entities and Machine Elves that are building the reality around us. I know that sounds crazy… but, if you know, then you know.

As for the music, I collaborated on the it with Joshua Ryan, and he sent along these notes: “This was inspired by the visual entirely, no reference material was used and the journeys the music takes is an attempt at conveying the many fractal environments you can see. The seamless transitions flowing into one another melodically not diverging from the heavy meditative tone – just as the visual component achieves.” You can follow awesome Josh is on that new app called Instagram or something at @joshuaryancomposer or visit his website at