Passport Sunday Early Preview – Stuck in Customs

Passport Sunday Early Preview

If you’re a Passport Member then today you’ll get to see an early cut of a new fractal creation. I think this one is going to be very meditative. I’m trying to look for a good meditation to lay on top… maybe something from Mooji!

Machine Elf Demo Reel

Here’s a little highlight reel I made of most of the fractals created up until March of this year. I’ve done many more since, so I’m looking forward to making a new cut soon!


Inside the Flower painting

I think this one is coming along very well. I’m about halfway done. Here’s what I want to change + add.
– I don’t like the violent spins in the beginning, so I will insert more frames
– I think some of the colors are too bright – especially that neon green
– I’m gonna try to get it back to that flower thing at the end… not sure how I’ll do that.
– I want to make it about twice as long

Anyway, enjoy this early preview!

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