Washington D.C. in the Snow – Stuck in Customs

Washington D.C. in the Snow

Listen to my new Podcast!

Check out the new podcast called “Molecules I’ve Ingested” at https://podcasts.treyratcliff.com/ ! We’ve actually recorded the first two episodes already… I got this idea from my friend Hanna in Scotland because she thought I had hilarious stories about trying different drugs, so I decided to turn it into a full podcast. Each episode is a different molecule. I teamed up with my friend and neighbor across the street, Harriett McDonald (who is also a voice actress) to be the storytellee. Is that a word? Not sure… either way, she’s awesome because she is straight as an arrow and more conservative than Pat Buchanan, so she asks all the obvious questions and rightly calls me out for being a moron. Anyway, each episode is focused on a different molecule and, beyond the wild stories, they are quite educational! So, yeah, Episode 1 is called Amazonian Giant Monkey Frog Poison aka The Cambo Ceremony and Episode 2 is Acid at Burning Man and the Asian Stalker – Enjoy and tell your friends! 🙂 I’m working on Episode 3 now… I think it’s gonna be called “Full Death Experience – Imbibing the Crystalized Poison of the Sonoran Desert Toad in the form of 5MEO-DMT.” Yeah, it’s kind of a long title, but that’s just what the master wordsmith ordered.

Daily Photo – Washington D.C. in the Snow

I went to DC last year to meet with my friends at the Ritz-Carlton (that’s where they are based). I got there a day early in the middle of a dramatic blizzard. I spent a few hours walking around and just taking photos with my Pixel phone… here is one of my favorites!

Washington D.C. in the Snow

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2019-01-13 15:41:09
  • CameraPixel 3 XL
  • Camera MakeGoogle
  • Exposure Time1/550
  • Aperture1.8
  • ISO55
  • Focal Length4.4 mm
  • FlashOff, Did not fire
  • Exposure ProgramProgram AE
  • Exposure Bias