Machine Elf 41 – Inside the Coronavirus Molecule – Stuck in Customs

Machine Elf 41 – Inside the Coronavirus Molecule

This is gonna sound crazy, but right as Covid-19 was kicking into full gear (thanks to that scoundrel, Randy Marsh), I had a super intense vision in a dreamstate while at a meditation retreat called Aro-Ha here in New Zealand. Ever since I had the poison of the Sonoran Desert Toad in the form of 5MEO-DMT, I’ve been having more and more natural psychedelic experiences while meditating + astral projections + all kinds of wild stuff. Each one is worth its own story… But, as for this one, I had my eyes closed and there was a wrap-around movie screen in front of me where I saw the coronavirus at the molecular level. And I could zoom in and out… I could see two, then more and more. Then I zoomed way out and saw evergreen trees with little particles flowing between them… then zoomed back in and saw the virus spreading and multiplying (I know this sounds crazy btw, but it’s totally true) – then I had this really cool understanding that the virus is just doing what it does with no malicious intent. Its only purpose is to multiply. In that, it’s not good or evil, as it’s just doing what it’s doing like a heart beats or a tree grows. It’s just a natural expression of nature (even if maybe it was created by humans) – and everything is exactly the way it’s supposed to be. This is a continual message I get from DMT, meditation, and other psychedelic spiritual experiences. And all this energy flows from one state to another as described in all sorts of texts like the Bhagavad Gita. Anyway, this is why I chose one of my favorite “Indian” flavored songs to show this natural energy flow from one state to another.

The music for this one is from Midival Punditz.

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