Trump 2020? – Stuck in Customs

Trump 2020?

Here are 10 photos +1 bonus at the rallies near the Trump event in Orlando, Florida the other day. Hey, I live in New Zealand, so I don’t have a dog in the hunt. All the streets were shut down, so I decided to visit both rallies; there are five photos from each rally… Pro and Anti. I’ll alternate the photos Anti/Pro. And the bonus photo is of the awesome police in the rain, standing ready to deal with Florida Man. I don’t know if you know about Florida Man, but if you do, you do.

Anti-Trump #1 – A giant inflatable baby Trump. I don’t know if it was the same one from London or a replicate.

Pro-Trump #1: This keeps your car cool when the sun is out. This child with an NRA shirt said one guy offered him $200 for it. He said no, but if I gave him $300, we had a deal!

Anti-Trump #2: This guy was dancing while the Mariachi band from Mexico was playing a tune.

Pro-Trump #2: That guy has two thumbs.

Anti-Trump #3: She jumped the wall, I suppose!

Pro-Trump #3: I asked this kid on my Insta story was his real hair and he said, “I wish!”

Anti-Trump #4 Some fun bedtime stories for the kids…

Pro-Trump #4: The line to get into the arena was several miles long… people traveled from all over to get here.

Anti-Trump #5: Meanwhile, at the other rally.

Pro-Trump #5: Yes, there was a scattering of LGBTTQQIAAP peeps in line to get into the arena to cheer for Trump.

Bonus Photo: Policemen stand by in the rain, ready to deal with Florida Man.