Aurora HDR 2019 Launch Day! – Stuck in Customs

Aurora HDR 2019 Launch Day!

Today’s the Big Day that Aurora HDR 2019 is ready for download! Come grab it pronto in our store.

Last year, we won Apple’s App of the year, and that was very unexpected and exciting. We have over 3 million downloads from their store and our stores, so it looks like we really hit a nerve for this thing. It’s especially great for beginners that want to add a special look to their photos.

The new features include noise-free results immediately, no halos, better for interior architecture shots with bright windows, new HDR sliders, and better processing for RAW files. I have a TON of videos I recently made that show off all the features over on YouTube.

I think this new tool is really gonna get your creative juices flowing! 🙂