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A major Plotagraph launch!

I’ve been using Plotagraph Pro since before it was widely available. I was an early tester of the product and I have posted before about how to use it. So I’m super-excited to help announce the next chapter in the Plotagraph story.

On June 1st (today!) Plotagraph is launching…

  • Plotagraph Social, a new platform for sharing and collaboration
  • A free version of the Plotagraph software
  • New pricing for all Plotagraph memberships

Introducing Plotagraph Social!

When you animate a photo with Plotagraph, you can’t wait to share it! They are still so new and unique that lots of people have never seen anything like them. Where’s the best place to start? Plotagraph Social.

Plotagraph Social is a new platform for showcasing your favorite looped visual objets d’art and is also designed to encourage collaboration between the artists that make them. Check out the video below from one of the founders to see what it’s all about.

Current users get Plotagraph Social automatically. (Look near the home button in the software for a switch to go to Social and back.) New users can sign up for FREE using the link below!

Create Plotagraphs for free!

Not only is it easier than ever to share Plotagraphs, it’s easier than ever to create them because Plotagraph Social includes a FREE version of the software that has all the core features you need to make Plotagraphs (and comes with a good bit of cloud storage).

When you get hungry for more features there are two ways to get them. You can go the traditional route and upgrade to a paid membership OR you can unlock more features in the free version by gaining followers on Plotagraph Social. If you stay at it, you can social your way into getting all the features in Plotagraph Pro for free!

Breakin’ it down

Last but not least, pricing for all the Plotagraph memberships has been revamped. You can learn more about all the versions and sign up for any of them here.