You gotta get this now! So cool! – Stuck in Customs

You gotta get this now! So cool!

This was made from a single photo

This isn’t a movie. It’s not a “cinemagraph” — it’s something completely new made from a single photograph. If you want to get this software now, click over to the Plotagraph Pro. Yeah, a Plotagraph — a new word, a new tech, a new everything! And no, it’s not a cinemagraph — all you need is a single JPG and no additional image or video files.


Secret Testing!

I’ve been secretly testing it with the creator of Plotagraph for a while (not by surprise, his last name is Plota), and it’s been an absolute blast! So far, I have made about a dozen of them, and they all come out really cool. It’s a brand new tech and I’ve never seen anything like it. Anyway, now it is available to all… you’ll really enjoy yourself and be shocked at the results.

Click here to see my dedicated animated photo portfolio over on their site.

This is a great way to breathe new life into any photo you’ve ever taken. It works great in so many conditions… clouds, moving water, grasses, hair, flowers, water, fire, etc. When you look at the new portfolio above, you’ll see how fun it is. Note that because these are all multi-framed, it may take a moment or two for the whole thing to load before you see it flow smoothly.

Easy to use

This is a good example of a JPG I uploaded. You can see how I masked out most of the tree and ground and added animation vectors to the sky. This one is very simple in that I have everything going in the same direction. As you can imagine, you don’t always have to make it this simple and you can have animations go in many directions and different speeds in various bits of the picture.


Here’s a bit more complex of an example with many vectors. This one may look a bit more complex because I turned on the “Mesh” layer that shows all the triangles and interconnectedness. I’m working on some tutorials now to talk more about how it works!

Works on any computer/OS

It’s completely web-based software, so it doesn’t matter if you are Mac / Windows / Linux, whatever. It’s also extremely fast because everything is happening on remote blazing servers.

Here’s the way it works. You upload any photo then you use the online software to define the areas that you want to keep static and the parts you want to move. After that, you use cool directional arrows to describe where and how you want the motion to flow. There’s also options to set the speed, smoothness, and more. You can get a live preview in the web browser and then export it as an GIF, MOV, or MP4. Easy as pie and supa fun!

Quick Tutorial Video

Many people have been asking about the UI and process for making these, so I made a quick video for you!

Two More Examples

This is a more subtle use of the technique. If you look closely at the traffic, you’ll see it moving a little bit too for a nice subtle touch!


Here’s one of my favorite photos from Paris, brought to a new kind of animated life!

Again, more examples over on my animated portfolio.