PhotoWalk Fun – New Event – Stuck in Customs

PhotoWalk Fun – New Event

New Events – Follow Along

I put up the event on Google+ here, and this is a cool new system where we can collect photographs from the entire event. It will be great fun to follow along even if you can’t make it.

Exact Location: Here in St. Omer’s Park.
Time: 5 PM
What to bring: Any kind of camera will do, even a mobile phone!
Who to bring: Family-friendly! 🙂

Queenstown PhotoWalk

Come join me for a free and fun PhotoWalk on Saturday, June 30th!

We’ll start at 5 PM, but I’ll be there early goofing around if you want to hang out. I’ll have the Genie from SYRP with me as well, and I’ll try not to drop it in the lake.

We can meet in St. Omer’s Park, probably over by the bench (near the roundabout). After the event, we can go grab some chocolates or a snack or something.

See you soon!

HDR Photo