The Snow Monkey – Stuck in Customs

The Snow Monkey

New Books En Route to Flatbooks

Thanks so much for enjoying all the eBook offerings over at ! I appreciate it, and so do all the other authors there… 🙂

We have a great new eBook on the way… and it is being written by the very same Jaime Ibarra that I mention below. It will be an amazing one…

Also, don’t forget to check out the new printing eBook from Ron Martinsen that was released a few weeks ago.

Daily Photo – The Snow Monkey

I found this guy right outside of Nagano, Japan.

I’ve had this photo for a while, and I decided to process it today while hanging out with Jaime Ibarra from (nudity warning. nudity opportunity.) We spent all day and night processing photos. He’s a great guy. His techniques are so unique! I was able to convince him to write an ebook for — I can’t wait to see it. We hope to get it out before Thanksgiving! 🙂

HDR Photo