Spiralstorm – Stuck in Customs


Your Latest Favorite Author?

I started a thread on Google+ about this very subject. I recommended Patrick Rothfuss. Go have a full look at that post and the replies — many little gems in there!

See you all at Google and/or the PhotoWalk today!

I give my talk on “Artists and the Internet: Digitally Extending Your Natural Self” this afternoon. It will be recorded so you can see it later, no doubt… As for the PhotoWalk, we get started early this evening… for more info, see this Google+ thread or go RSVP and see the map on the Plancast page!

First Authors@Google Talk

My first talk at Google is below, which some of you may have already seen. I don’t know when the new one will be available, but it will be about a different subject matter… so it stays fresh for y’all!

Daily Photo – Spiralstorm

There are secret vortexes everywhere, no? I think we all find our own, and we keep them secret. No one would ever talk about the best ones. I’m not exactly sure what happens in them. Perhaps there is something where the right and left brain switch sides and everything flows together.

This is another one of my most amazing and accidental finds in my recent explorations… can anyone figure out where this is? I’ll reveal it of course, but I think it is fun when people guess away…