Arriving at the Grand Opera House – Stuck in Customs

Arriving at the Grand Opera House

Google+ Hangout Video and News! First recording with Lisa Bettany now avail!

These Google+ Hangouts have been so much fun.  We’re doing another one at SmugMug on Aug 10th at 4 PM PT, and it will be recorded and streamed live like the others. Watch for it!

Here is our first recording… sorry for the low quality, but we will get better and better as we go along!

Since these hangouts are so much fun, we figured out a way to record and broadcast them live! For this first one, I asked Lisa Bettany to join up, and we had a really nice talk. Also, all other sorts of people joined along the way… really really fun stuff… and happy to share it! I owe Keith Barrett a big thanks, since he made this possible. We have a second one we recorded too that is getting uploaded now….

Below is a set of time stamps where you can scrub forward if you see something of interest. Enjoy!

1:17 – I give a little view from Switzerland, where we recorded this Hangout.

4:20 – Chee Chew from Google+ (he manages the Hangout Team) joins us! He may or may not talk about a “secret button” for injecting himself into any Hangout.

12:30 – Lisa talks about how she has switched almost entirely to Google+

15:05 – Lisa starts talking about how she wishes Canon had a wide angle lens like Nikon

20:50 – Lisa asks me what stuff I take with me when I travel…

24:00 – A videographer in the hangout tells us about his Kata bag

26:30 – Sara Collaton joins the hangout! We talk a bit about street photography with her. And then we go off on a nice street-photography tangent… and I share a tip I learned from Alfie Goodrich

38:00 – Horror stories with Lisa.

46:30 – Lisa asks me how I arrange these trips (secret hint moment)

49:00 – Mitch asks me who writes my apps (it is +Mark Powell )

54:10 – Lisa asks a technical HDR question

1:01:30 – We talk about post-processing, eyes, truth, and other dreamy-sounding things…

1:03:20 – I talk about a strange RAW image discussion with +Neal Stephenson

1:09:00 – Someone in the hangout asks us about what line we won’t cross in Photoshop

Your favorite websites of artists?

Do you all follow any artists online (not photographers)? If so, who are they, and what is the website? I think we’d all like to see what you are into and make some new discoveries for ourselves!

Daily Photo – Arriving at the Grand Opera House

I went the wrong way, but I ended up here.

It was a little embarrassing, to be honest… I was taking Tina to the Arc de Triumph and I was quite sure that I go this certain direction… we were plodding along, and I look up say, “Oh bother, we’re at the opera!”

But, no matter. The light was good and I had the rig up and ready to shoot in no time! And, after this foible, we went to the real Arc de Triumphe.