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Tiny Website Tweaks

A few little things to note…

1) I added the Google +1 to the top of every post, page, and the main site.
2) I removed the slow-leading Tweetboard widget that used to be on the left
3) I fixed several typos in the new HDR Tutorial

Live Video Hangout Today

Come join live (it will be streamed and recorded too) – on Google+ at 12 PM PT (3 EST) today. I’ll have on Cali Lewis and John P, and we’ll be talking photography and stuff… it’ll be fun!

Great Structures

I know I take a lot of photos of churches… I have no kind of agenda or anything — I just simply like big, beautiful structures. It seems like in the last 500 years, churches have consistently been able to amass the huge sums of money necessary to build these “great structures.” The only other entities that amass a lot of money to make “great structures” are governments, corporations, and sports teams. But, really, governments often build extremely boring things with the money. Corporations sometimes build awesome buildings, but only a very small percentage of them are truly inspired. The third group, sports teams, do build amazing structures, but they are all fairly consistent in their look and utility. Any other groups I am missing that amass a ton of capital to build amazing things?

Daily Photo – The Vaults

I find that every time I take a photo of a huge cathedral, like the granddaddy here in London, that I take a landscape and a portrait shot. You just can’t get it all in! And then, I think, well if I could, why wouldn’t I just go ahead and do a full 360 shot? Where do you stop? Hehe this is a problem in a way…

But, seriously, I always have trouble enjoying panoramas and 360 degree photos on the web. Do you all agree?

HDR Photo