Time Traveling in the Steampunk Subway – Stuck in Customs

Time Traveling in the Steampunk Subway

Secret Spots?

Where is your favorite secret photo spot? Perhaps someplace that a few people know about, but it’s generally kind of an out-of-the-way place that no one would ever know about.

Hmmm… if there was only an app for that… hmmmm… maybe your friend Trey has something up his digital sleeve…

Daily Photo – Time Traveling in the Steampunk Subway

Here is a new one from a discovery I just made here in France! Thank you for the inside tip on this amazing place from Friend X.

This incredible subway station under Paris has undergone a full Steampunk conversion, thanks to the mind of François Schuiten, a comic book artist from Belgium. Each tiny circular window lining the edges is a portal to another world. This is all influenced by Les Cités Obscures, where humans live on the counter-Earth. A wonderful concept… I think many of us on Google+ already feel one with the idea of the counter-Earth.

If you’d like to visit this stop someday, pull up a huge subway map and find your connections to the Arts et Métiers stop. It’s kind of out of the way, but just bring your camera and your imagination, and you’ll be there soon enough…