The Epic Cathedral – Stuck in Customs

The Epic Cathedral

Tips for Immoral Activities in Church

This is an OLD one from 2007. Remember good old 2007? iPods were bulky and so was my camera. I guess it still is. Anyway, here is a Top 10 Tips list about how to take photos inside of a church….

Daily Photo – The Epic Cathedral

I got this shot right before the Catholic Notre Dame police told me to take down the tripod. So I had to be fast… fast like the withdrawal method.

With the wide-angle lens, people do get a little bit stretched, but I think that is okay in some circumstances. It doesn’t really affect my enjoyment of the photo. And, since all the columns are leaning in and whatnot, if the people were normal sized and looked perfect while all the architecture around them was wonky, THAT might look strange. So, by keeping everything a little bit wonky, it kinda works. At least, this is what I am telling myself.

HDR Photo