My Next Trip to the Louvre – Stuck in Customs

My Next Trip to the Louvre

New Website for iPhone App

David Pogue from the NY Times (who I just met at NASA, btw) wrote an article about iPhone camera apps. He gave ours a great review, and that is very cool. Thanks David!

BTW, I met him in person AFTER he wrote the review. I was in the press area getting interviewed on NASA TV, after we had just found out the shuttle launch had been scrubbed. Right when I finished, Pogue came running up the stairs to the press area, and we said hello and had a short conversation.

Besides that, we also created that will contain all the latest info for the apps. And yes, as you can see, Android version is in the works…

Daily Photo – My Next Trip to the Louvre

You know how sometimes you go some place awesome and you think, “This is really cool, I think I’ll probably come back some day.” But then, sometimes, after the event, you start thinking that maybe you may not be able to make it back. You never really know I guess.

Anyway, when I do go back to the Louvre in July, I’m going to spend a day inside sketching. I do like to sketch (I have a few on the About Me page), and this seems like a great place to do it. I wish I had a whole month in Paris… I’d try to go here once a week for a day of sketching. Maybe I should put this on my to do list… why not?

HDR Photo