Ghost from the Dungeon – Stuck in Customs

Ghost from the Dungeon

New Tutorial Wednesday!

On Wednesday, I’ll post a new tutorial video I did… I worked on it during the weekend, and I hope it gives you some good ideas to mimic or modify as you see fit!

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Daily Photo – Ghost from the Dungeon

I was walking along the Thames river in London, following up on a lead that a reader told me about. There was supposed to be some cool hidden underground area that you can access from underneath one of the bridges that crosses the river. I never found it, but I did come across this place. Maybe you have seen it before if you are a local? If so, maybe you shouldn’t ruin it for the other readers… let them uncover it on their own. Also, if you say what it is, it may ruin the nice mystery of it all, yes? Yes I’m sure since we both know what it is…

High Dynamic Range Photo