Heart of Skulls – Stuck in Customs

Heart of Skulls

Walk Along With Me – Hi-Def Audio

So, I got this awesome new super-hi-def audio recorder for Christmas. I decided to try it out yesterday while I was near China Cove, just south of Carmel. This is a little 4-minute audio sample… put on some earphones… you won’t believe how you can hear the surf, the birds, and everything…

Audio Link to Trey at China Cove

Question to clever bloggers — what is the best WordPress plugin I can use to put a simple player-widget there instead?

Daily Photo – Heart of Skulls

This one is somewhat macabre, but it’s still something worth seeing.

Under Paris are the infamous catacombs. I had a vague idea what it would be like, but it was an entire order of magnitude more intense than I expected! I thought, perhaps, there would be a few places with a whole bunch of bones, but it just went on and on and on and on. You have no idea (unless you have been there too). There were hundreds of yards of one kind of human bone followed by another hundred yards of another kind of bone. They used skulls for all sorts of decorations, including this embedded heart.

High Dynamic Range Photography