Under the Eiffel – Stuck in Customs

Under the Eiffel

Nikon 14-24 Review Update

I keep updating the Nikon 14-24 Review as I find good uses for the lens. I always seem to! If you’ve ever been up underneath the Eiffel Tower, then you know how very very wide it is! Anyway, I thought this was a good example of what the lens can do.

Under the Eiffel

This time of night only lasts a fleeting five minutes. So, as a photographer in Paris, it’s a major commitment to get in place for that dire period. There’s never an easy decision, and… after all… it is Paris, so there is no “bad” place to be.

I’m glad it’s a city where many restaurants stay open late. I miss the “normal” dinner time, since those are the prime sunset hours. I usually try to grab a snack around 4 PM to carb-up for a busy shooting session. And then after I eek out every last minute of atmospheric light, I like to go to a late-night restaurant to edit photos and relax a little bit. Okay, actually I relax a lot.

High Dynamic Range Photo