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Under the Louvre

That's Brian Crecente there, looking pensively into the future. Maybe he's thinking about how that beard gives him +2 to blogger.

Calling on your help!

Yesterday, we had great mentions for 100 Cameras in 1 from Kotaku and Gizmodo. More on that below.

I wondered if YOU had any good connections to sites or media that might like to review the app too. I got the Kotaku hookup from a very nice friend, who introduced me to two parties… I really haven’t done anything much to “market” the app yet. I don’t much like blind-emailing people and saying, “Hey please review my app I know you get 5,000 of these per day, but but but…” hehe. Anyway, I don’t like doing that… you know what I mean. Any good introductions would be appreciated… I have a pile of free review download-codes I can send out… our contact information is below, or just use business @stuckincustoms.com. Thanks!

Thanks to Kotaku & Gizmodo!

I’d like to give a big internet bear-hug to Brian Crecente at Kotaku who did this interview. Don’t worry — it’s a very manly bear-hug — the kind where you vigorously slap one another on the back with aplomb in public. Anyway, he’s super busy and he took a lot of time to put together some very thoughtful questions. Even at that, I predicted he would just format the story like question / answer / question / answer… but he went old-school and actually wrote a story!

The story also ran over at Gizmodo, right beside an ad for Windows Phone 7, which won't run the app. And yes, yes, we are building an Android one in the future...of course!

Kotaku and Gizmodo are related in the Gawker briarpatch, so Gizmodo also picked up the story – thanks to the team over there too. I used to be with Gawker Artists back in the day, and they would randomly show my art when they didn’t have advertising banners. I remember that Gawker contacted me because an angry reader thought I was beating my children because I had an HDR-photo of them in one of the banners. They were gonna call Child Protective Services! (Seriously!)

Under the Louvre

This is a definite no-no land for tripods, so that made me re-double my efforts to make this shot happen under the glass pyramid of the Louvre.

With the sun in my face, there was no way I could make an HDR out of a single RAW, and I knew I needed seven exposures, from +3 to -3 to make it happen. I ran around in circles to save up some bullet-time, and then I quickly unfurled my RRS tripod. It spun and rotated like the Hellraiser cube until I had it perfectly situated. I took my seven shots as quickly as possible before two security cards came over to get me.

I couldn’t Michael-Weston my way out of that one because my French is so bad, so I just slowly folded up my tripod while giving them a knowing grin. I wanted it to be the kind of grin that ate into their souls… but, I think they were just generally annoyed with me and wanted me to hurry the heck up.

High Dynamic Range Photo