La Gare – Stuck in Customs

La Gare

Angry Birds and the Evolution of Man

My friend Matt Ridley wrote this article in the WSJ called “Tracing Those Angry Birds to the Dawn of Man”. He was kind enough to mention me in the first paragraph – thanks! I have some of Matt’s books on Trey’s Book List page here on the site too that you may enjoy, if you’re into cross-over science kinda stuff.

Nikon 28-300 Review Additions

As is the usual case, I continue to add photos and info to reviews after they are posted. So, in case you missed it or are looking for an update, check out the Nikon 28-300 Review here on the site.

Reminder- Full Size Photos and Sharing

Many of the regular visitors (hi y’all!) already these tips about the site, but I wanted to restate them:

  • You can get the full size of any photo, just like the French train station below, by clicking on the photo, then clicking the tiny “O” (for Original) at the top
  • You can download and use the photos for wallpapers, personal use, and this sort of thing
  • You can use all the photos on your personal (non-commercial) websites, blogs, etc as long as you link back to and give credit – thanks!

Daily Photo – La Gare

I took the train from Paris to Nimes in the middle of the day, and ended up here with half an hour to spare. I had just enough time to get some pastries and some HDRs. What else does a man need in life?

Here is a little tip that I’m sure many of you already know… but I thought I would go ahead and say it anyway! If you want a symmetrical shot, get in the absolute center. And I mean absolute. Check your corners, count the girders, etc. You’ll have to get a little OCD if you want a perfectly centered shot!

High Dynamic Range Photo