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100 Cameras in 1 – New Version!

100 Cameras in 1

New Version in App Store!

The new 100 Cameras in 1 is now available! Here are some of the new features:

? Control each effect with a granular slider! (See Screenshot Right)
? Moving the slider will change the effect of the texture using overlay, hardlight, luminosity, the texture itself, or other methods depending on the nature of each unique effect
? Add and layer multiple effects with new “Add Effect” button!
? Add favorites right from the My Creation screen (see upper right of the My Creation screen)
? Hi-res cropping after you take a photo
? Also hi-res cropping after you select an existing photo from your library
? iOS 4.2 – Now you can Print! Via Share to AirPrint
? Optimizations to share to Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr
? B&W effect moved into first 10 effects
? Re-organized interface so that “Back” is always in the upper left
? Updated scoring feedback indicators
? Added new text to Effect #1 after you begin to “Add Effects” – now it says, “Original image with new effects”
? Removed “extra” pre-populated words when sharing to Facebook, Flickr, or Twitter. Now it just says, “My latest creation”
? Opt out of GameCenter whenever you click “Cancel” three times when it asks you to log in
? Increased rate with which the effect text fades from the My Creation screen
? “Saving” popup has been properly centered on the My Creation screen
? Adjusted GUI on Options screen
? Added user feedback when “Crop Image” is selected on Options screen

New Promo Video

I made a new version of the video that shows off the slider, multiple effects, and more. If you saw the previous video, then it’s not all that different except for those bits!

Daily Photo – The Orsay

One of my favorite museums! I’m a huge fan of Impressionism, and this museum has an amazing collection. It also houses one of the most famous paintings by Manet – Le dejeuner sur l’herbe (Wikipedia). I’ve always heard about and studied this painting, so it was of particular interest to me. When I saw it in person, it was absolutely striking… I did not expect to have a reaction like that.

Well, you aren’t supposed to take photos in here, but I just can’t help it. I think the rule is silly and somewhat insulting to he artist in me. I remember studying the Impressionists… Manet himself would come into museums and paint… so what is the difference? Nothing… I think my Impressionist heroes are looking down on me and smiling for defying such a silly rule. In this case, I did not use a tripod (would have been a bit obvious). So I cranked up the ISO on my camera to keep everything sharp. Also, I set my F stop at 2.8, which keeps a scene like this in focus when you’re using a wide angle lens, since everything is effectively at infinity.

High Dynamic Range Photo