The Mark Nason Bag – Stuck in Customs

The Mark Nason Bag

My New Laptop Bag!

This is one of my favorite Christmas presents!  For the full scoop, see my Mark Nason Bags review here on the site…  You can see Mark Nason’s store on Amazon here. — it’s kind of expensive, but you can check out the pros and cons for yourself on the review page.

Here are a few images of the bag…  I think I have six or so on the review page.

Mark Nason Bag Photo

One aspect this image doesn't portray is how soft this thing is. It is like a soft cuddly cow crawled up and died on your lap.

Mark Nason Bag Photo

The big pouch on the outside is too small for most of my guns (perhaps a small ladies' gun), but it does fit a ziplock full of pork and beans for those lonely nights on the range... This side pocket is pretty handy too for your mobile phone or 18th-century Western iPod.

Mark Nason Bag Photo

The bag is big enough for me to fit my 17" Macbook Pro. It's not big enough to also hold my camera equipment, but... that's not what I use it for...

Daily Photo – Liftoff at the Ranch

I ran out into the field to capture this just as the helicopter takes off after unloading another group of guests. The lighting and angle were perfect, so I was curious to see if I could catch the helicopter blade totally still. I did! A good experiment… note that many of my experiments fail… but this one worked out.

And yes, obviously, this is an HDR from a single RAW.

High Dynamic Range Photography