The Prison of Marie Antoinette – Stuck in Customs

The Prison of Marie Antoinette

Topaz Infocus Review

Cool! Check out my full Topaz Infocus Review. It’s the latest from that company, and you can grab it right from Topaz Software.

Finally! I think it’s been about four months since I posted a new software review. I do try tons and tons of software, but I only review stuff I actually use. It keeps things simple, and I figure you don’t have a lot of time to read reviews anyway. I could write up big reviews of all the stuff I don’t like and I don’t use (e.g. the Promote Control – I don’t like using that thing… but that’s just me… I know others do and that’s cool). Anyway, that is a bit of an aside there… a long way of saying this is why you don’t see a new review every few days!

High Dynamic Range Photo

In this photo from Notre Dame, I really wanted to accent the details of these incredible colors and shapes in one of the rear rooms. I couldn't get them right until I started experimenting with all the sliders until the right mix was achieved.

Daily Photo – The Prison of Marie Antoinette

What an amazing (and somewhat eerie) place this is! You all have heard of the famous Marie Antoinette and know of her fate… but maybe you’ve never seen her lavish French prison? It’s called the Conciergerie, and now it’s on my must-visit list! I got the hot tip from one of my workshop students in London… an unexpected find. Okay… I’ll be quiet and just let you enjoy this photo.

P.S. This was made from a single RAW… it was handheld.

High Dynamic Range Photography