Exploring the Cathedral – Stuck in Customs

Exploring the Cathedral

HDR Tutorial – Reminder

We have the HDR Tutorial in four languages and more coming soon! I recently did some evolutionary updates on the tutorial to keep things fairly current. Enjoy!

Surfing the Categories

There are a lot of daily visitors (thanks – I appreciate you very much!) but there are also some people that only pop in a few times a week.  To these people, you may like to know a navigational tip here on the site.  I “tag” and categorize everything.  These tags are at the bottom of the post.  If you want to see some of that particular location, just click on “France” for example.  It will show you the last 10-15 posts or so.  For many categories, you can also click “Previous” at the bottom of the page to see even more.

Daily Photo – Exploring the Cathedral

No tripods allowed. I think maybe it said this in French. Or English. I can’t remember because I ignored it. How are you supposed to get a decent photo inside Notre Dame without a tripod?

I spent this weekend processing a bunch of photos from France, and this is one that took quite a while. People often ask me, ‘How long do you work on your photos?” My answer is always a bit strange, since any time-allotment will not seem correct. The thing is… I’ve processed so many photos over the years — I’ve gotten very fast at it. I’ve got macros, keyboard shortcuts, etc etc. I think I might look like a Korean Starcraft player… I slow it down a lot for the tutorial and stuff. But, anyway, having said that, my answer is “anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours”. This shot in particular took a little over an hour. It was a hard one… I had to take a few breaks and refill the green tea a few times to work out some issues with it.