Paris HDR – Stuck in Customs

Paris HDR

The International HDR Tutorial!

We have just added the Czech language! Thanks to Filip for the translation!

More languages are being added all the time! Speaking of today’s photo, where is our French translation from a savvy reader??? hehe… Now, the top of the HDR Tutorial reads:

Daily Photo – Paris HDR

I think this was my fifth trip to Paris, and the first time I actually got some Eiffel Tower shots that I find satisfactory!  I literally had to take thousands of shots of this thing before I found something that feels right to me.

The gardens that surround the Eiffel Tower are surprisingly empty.  Around dusk and sunset, it’s usually not too hard to find a nice bench to drink in the sights.  Or, barring that, there are plenty of spots in the grass where you can lay out a blanket and enjoy some amazing cheese and pastries…  and what is more wonderful than that?

High Dynamic Range Photo