Arc de Triomphe – Stuck in Customs

Arc de Triomphe

HDR Spotting

I check HDR Spotting almost every day to see some new works… really interesting stuff there so stop by if you need a bit of stimulation! There is a new editor joining up from DPS (Digital Photography School), so there’s a new sheriff in town! 🙂

New Theme for Chrome?

I love Google Chrome and use it all the time. I’m also enjoying the new Web App store. There are a ton of browser themes, and I wondered if anyone here wanted to create a “Stuck In Customs” theme. I’d of course give you credit and everything… but I think it would be fun for a lot of people! Drop me a comment or email if interested.

Daily Photo – Arc de Triomphe

This is a dangerous spot! But so pretty…

It was a cool night in Paris. It was a bit damp too, as if it might rain at any moment. So that kept me moving from spot to spot pretty quickly. I was secretly hoping for a bit of rain… Europe at night in a light rain is always kind of charming. I’m pretty sure that locals don’t find it charming… just annoying.

High Dynamic Range Photo