The Louvre – Stuck in Customs

The Louvre

Daily Photo – The Louvre

Ahhh… the Louvre! It’s one of the greatest in the world and always fun to explore. You gotta be kind of into museums, I suppose… the vastness of it is beyond words.  You really don’t get it until you’ve spent several hours inside.

I’ve often wondered what it would be like to be a student in Paris without anything to do. It would be so cool to go to the Louvre day after day… or maybe not. I mean, when you’re in that young student-mode, I don’t really know if you can fully appreciate everything. Maybe some things… but perhaps not.

I have a half-baked plan to go spend an extra week in Paris and go to the Louvre seven days in a row with just my sketchpad. I do like to draw (have a few on my “about” page), and I’d like to have a completely open schedule to explore all the rooms and chambers. After I took the photo you see here, I spent several hours inside… scouted out a few spots that look perfect to sit for a few hours with my sketchpad, my music, and a few secret snacks.

High Dynamic Range Photo