Young girl on a bridge in Paris – Stuck in Customs

Young girl on a bridge in Paris

Renting a Car in Gaul

My current plan is to rent a car in Montpellier and then drive around the south of France a few days before driving to Barcelona. This may be one of my worst ideas, best ideas, or something the vacillates wildly between the two. We’ll see.

Daily Photo – Young girl on a bridge in Paris

I woke up one morning around 5:30 AM to go out and grab the sunrise on the Seine. I had a loose plan to criss-cross bridges all up and down the river and catch light at various moments. There is a delightful pedestrian bridge by the Louvre and Rue Bonaparte. It’s a strange little bridge that has thousands of tiny padlocks attached to the fence. Each one has a set of initials upon it. I’m sure it would take me 15 seconds on the internet to figure out what they mean… but for now, I’m just trying to figure it all out and holding 10 different romantic possibilities in my head simultaneously.

After a shooting a set of shots with the sun rising over Notre Dame, I saw a few girls on the bridge with me. It was a little cold this morning, and they were in coats, laughing and playing with their own camera. With my tripod still set up, I grabbed my D3S and 50 prime on my sling. I pulled it up quickly to grab a shot of one of the girls as she covered her face from the cool wind of the morning.

HDR Photo