The Long Road Home – Stuck in Customs

The Long Road Home

London Workshop Registration in a few days!

Be sure to go to the HDR Workshop page on Monday, Aug. 2, at 10 AM London Time.

If you live somewhere else and are going to London for the big event, be sure to figure out your own local time for the big registration event!

We will also have a free photowalk in London the on Friday night before the workshop.  Everyone is invited.  Details to come soon!

HDR DVD – Out in the Wild

We have a few testers out there that have the HDR DVD. There have even been a few leaked tweets out there. We expect it to go on sale pretty soon. Of course, since we know many people will be ordering it, we want to make sure we do some good Quality Assurance on it to ensure we’re in good shape. Sorry for the delays… but this is important and we want to make sure it is as perfect as possible.

Because the premium package is 4 DVDs (!!!), it takes a long time to stamp them out, put in cases, ship, etc etc. It’s a big production! So, be sure to get on the list so you can order right away before we hit a supply logjam.

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The Long Road Home

I took this on perhaps one of my best days in Iceland.

I woke up around 5 PM at Hotel Edda Laugar in Saelingsdal.  Many of you already know I was sleeping days and staying up all night to take photos.  This was my last day/night cycle in Iceland, so I wanted to make the most of it.

Anyway, after waking up, I went out to the natural hot springs for a dip.  It was a perfect little rocky spring filled with steaming-hot sulfur-smelling water.  As usual, I was totally alone and didn’t see another soul.  I stayed there, looking at the afternoon mountains for about 30 minutes until I reached a dangerous dream-state.  And then dragged myself out and walked back to the hotel.  I had one of those post-hot-tub shells of heat around me to protect from the cold.  I didn’t even feel it.

I got back inside, put on some warm clothes, and then went down to get dinner (breakfast).  Actually, I got two of them.  The second one was to-go because I would eat it around 1 or 2 AM, when there is absolutely nothing open.  Besides, I knew I would be way out in the boonies where there was not even an option for anything to be open!

Around 3 AM, I started driving back to Reykjavik.  As I was going down one of the fjords in the northwest, the sign lined up in my view, so I pulled over to take a shot to share with you.

HDR Photo